March 17th 2014

DIY Cropped Flared Sleeve Top - Thrift (P35), Denim Pants - Forever 21, Buckled Oxfords - Thrift (P100), Leather Backpack - Thrift (P150) 

Fashion Friday #2: Again with the weird habit of storing things and not using it. My friend even calls me dust collector - just because I buy A TON of stuff and never use them.

Example number 1 is this bag, which I forgot who awesome it is. I bought this way back when I was in Mapua and I tell you that was a long time ago. I completely forgot that I had it and good thing I planned on bringing my laptop that day and searched for a backpack and found this. It is a vintage leather backpack - two of the things I love together. It’s so durable + handy with all them pockets. I absolutely love it and regret not using it.

Example number 2 is this top which I also got few years ago (WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?). It was actually longer but I decided to DIY IT - chop it off with some scissors and turn it into a crop top and it works well! Especially with the flare sleeves. 

March 16th 2014

What I’m Wearing: Top to Bottom - Thrift (Cardigan - P50, White Crop Top -P25, HW Denim Shorts - P50, Boat Shoes - P190, Brown w/ Aztec Print Sling Bag - P80, Belt - P50)

Sorry if I’ve been away lately, I was bombarded with school stuff and I had no time to blog. This outfit was two Saturdays ago.. I know, what a late post. 

This cardigan has been sitting/stuck on my closet for years (2 or 3) and this is the only time I got to wore them - I don’t even know why because I just realized how perfect it is, it gives more appeal and vibrancy to simple casual outfits.

Silly me. I’ve had this habit of buying things (in a big amount) and storing them for at least a year - then using them. It’s weird why I don’t use the things I buy the next day I bought it. I let it sit out for months.. and that’s one of the things I have a love/hate relationship with.

March 04th 2014

Thrift Haul # 2: Part 3


Last but not the least — the 3rd part of this Massive Thrift Haul, which includes other items beside clothing like household items, bags, socks and more.


  • Wooden Hanger (Light Shade/Medium Shade/Dark Shade/Plain with Chinese Writings 4 other metal wire Hangers) - everything at P60 


  • Denim Cap - P50
  • Beanies (Black and Blue) - P35 each
  • NIMES White & Blue Stripe 2 Way Tote Bag  - P50


  • Lace Crochets (P10 each, last one was P5)


  • White Socks with Black & Yellow Stripe (P35)
  • Green High Socks (P35)
  • Pastel Pink w/ Cutouts Socks (P30) 
  • BN Lace Socks (P35)


  • Blue Floral Socks (P35)
  • Gray Long Socks (P35)
  • Black Long Socks (P35)

Wheeew! That was a really long haul and I’ve enjoyed doing it and showing it to you guys how I am such a big thrift hoarder. But I hope that inspire you take a walk to your local thrift store and see all the magic that lies in it! Thank you for tuning in with this massive haul and don’t worry cause you will see more of this in my blog! 

BTW, here is Part O N E and Part T W O

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